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Be thankful, you’re unique.

We all dislike it when people we are acquainted with, strangers or those we are intimately related to (leave alone family) know all our flaws. But have you for once thought that we are all in the journey of being sharpened and refined by God? That means, however much we yearn to get a shoulder to lean on whenever we feel insufficient, we will never be made complete by humans!

Oftentimes, our self-esteem takes a hit, abilities are downplayed and confidence dwindles when we dwell on our short comings. We run to people to get comfort and reaffirmation. But one thing is for sure: no human is capable of completing us. It is only God who has the ability to do this. Two incomplete people cannot complete one another.

We walk into relationships hurt, bitter, broken, with the hope of finding something better and with hearts full of expectations, but the bitter truth is; unless God has made you whole, that partner never will. At some point, we are hurt by the same people we think are meant to complete us, and in such incidences, we have nowhere to run to. We look for comfort and safety from those around us. We all do not wish to be burdensome to the people we absolutely love, right? But every now and then, we seek that assurance of how beautiful, smart or hardworking we are.

The need for constant reassurance points to elements of low self-esteem. No one fancies being a member of ones own pity-party. It is draining, wastes ones precious time, and sucks one into a self-deprecating spiral. It is important to try to get ones self out of this situation.

Well, work on your self-esteem, build up your confidence, do something that will make you proud of yourself, do something that makes you happy and self-appreciative: the talents, gifts, hobbies and the fact that you’re uniquely different and differently unique. Write down a list of all the things about yourself that you’re proud of and those that make you want to hide your face from the world. You’ll gradually start liking and appreciating yourself 😊.

Sometimes back I used to dislike my feet and I didn’t want them exposed, I tried so much to love them but I just couldn’t, it was a real challenge by the way and very difficult for me to accept them the way they were, and I’d think to myself, how is it that am fearfully and wonderfully made when my feet don’t prove it? Quite a number of times I’d flip through Gen. 1:31 “God saw all that He had made and it was very good……” But still it was hard for me to understand, how is it that my feet are good to God when they aren’t to me? I couldn’t help it anymore, my confidence started vanishing and I’d get conscious whenever i was in open shoes and in social gatherings. I had to learn to thank God for taking His time to beautifully create me, it took time and gradually my attention shifted to more important things. With time, I came to realize how beautiful, very beautiful my feet were – henna or no henna, cutex or no cutex, it felt really good admiring my feet!

It is important to note that as you learn to walk in wholeness, you’ll realize that you’re much happier, no amount of insult on your physique will tear you down. Why? This is because you know it very well that you’re fearfully n wonderfully made, yes! And when things turn out to be difficult, you run to He that made you whole. Not a human being that sacrifices his/her pains to make you feel uplifted. I am not against one sharing his/her issues out, but it is good if we learn to encourage ourselves in the Lord. Trust the process.

Yes, you’ll despise yourself at times or be hard on yourself; but learn to loosen up a bit. Do not be hard on yourself, appreciate the flaws and the fact that they are part of you but do not in any way define you. Take it easy when you make mistakes. Trust what you carry inside, it is said that no one will back you up when you are not brave enough. Accept yourself the way you are, it starts from within, especially for those things that we are not able to change like our physique.

Don’t die before your death, like yourself, love yourself, appreciate yourself and celebrate both the small and big achievements, those small steps count.

Be yourself, stop comparing yourself with other people, we are on different lanes!

Know that every rock has the potential to become the most beautiful statue.

Be your own hero first, invest into yourself and see the beautiful you grow. Please, do not quit on yourself, be thankful that you’re a very important person, beautifully and wonderfully made! And when you’re up, be comfortable in helping other people rise!

Believe in yourself. I believe in you!

A pearl she is.

With a sparkle in the eye,
She steals a glance your way,
As the heart with a thousand wishes accompany,
Her desires to offer all the luxury,
Everyday is Mothers’ Day

She stares at your beautiful face,
As she draws your future on space,
She’s a stricter at heart,
Yet she doesn’t let it out,
Because of the fear of you getting hurt.
Everyday should be Mothers’ Day.

Her love unfathomable and spellbound,
She’s unbeatable, strong and love profound,
Her smiles are far beyond what she really feels,
Because whatever the case, she has to be your protecting wings,
Everyday is Mothers’ day.

She’s your number one fan,
Because you’re more than fam,
She got your back,
And what does she get back?
Appreciation of a pat on the back.

Everyday should be Mothers’ day.